Glow-worm and Sunset

You’ve heard of the Glow-worm phenomenon that happens in the coastal waters of Providenciales, and you want to experience it on a private or semi-private boat? We have you covered! This performance happens only for a few nights after the full moon. What you witness is the nuptial dance of the flow-worm. This animal spends its life in the seabed, but transforms about once a month to reproduce at the surface of the water. The female will dance in small circle and will release the eggs in a luminescent skirt. After the males notice the females, it’s their turn to come up to the surface. The males will emit small bursts of light and fertilize the eggs. The glow-worm will come up to the surface only after the sun has set, and will return to the seabed the mating ritual is over. It’s a magical showing!

– Water
– Rum Punch
– Fuel

Group Private
2.5 hour 100$ pp 500$ fix price
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  • 2.5 hours
  • Group: 100$ pp (max 8 guests)
  • Private: 500$ price fix (max 8 guests)
Sleeping places: 4 Capacity: 10

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